Lilac Jadeite yoni egg


Lilac jadeite yoni egg, size M (3x4cm).
There is a hole pierced through the pointed end of the egg for the string. There is a short instruction included with the egg, explaining how to take care of it and introducing the exercises.

All eggs are made of high-quality jade of Guatemalan origin. As it is a natural stone, each egg has its unique colour and pattern.

Laost otsas



Jadeite is the best material for a yoni egg intended for regular wear and practice. Jadeite is a magical stone, perfect for this purpose. It refreshes your emotions and thoughts, frees you from negativity and anxiety that have built up and attracts love and caring. The force field of this stone combines feminine sensitivity and the ability to live in harmony with yourself and the nature. Using jadeite is beneficial to fertility, conception and kidneys; it boosts metabolism and the immune system, thereby giving you inner satisfaction and joy.