About JadeEggs

The practice of training pelvic floor muscles has been known to the Masters of Taoism for already thousands of years, as they understood the way energies moved in the body. Training pelvic floor muscles allowed them to lead a long and healthy life and transform sexual energy into a higher spiritual form of energy. The most natural way for training the intimate body area has been using jade eggs. Throughout the ages, these have been an important tool to boost femininity and inner glow.

Continuous use of jade eggs helps women to experience increasingly powerful and multiple orgasms and become sensitive and glowing with health. Training also alleviates back pain and support problems in the sacrum, prevents uterine and vaginal prolapse, addresses the issues of incontinence and balances the pelvic floor and internal organs.


Which egg to choose?

The material of the stones used for practice is very important. It is recommended to use jade (jadeite or nephrite) as your first stone, as it focuses on the essence of being a woman. The standard size is usually M, but also larger (L) and smaller (S) eggs are available.

Jade is a sacred stone in China, which integrates mind and body and symbolizes the mind, mercy, courage, constancy, justice, modesty, kindness and fidelity. Jade prolongs life by its faithful vibrations, which have a balancing effect on the entire body. The stone nourishes the kidneys and the heart, stimulates metabolism and blood stream, and balances blood pressure and nervous system. In addition, it helps to open and balance the heart chakra and heal a person on the level of feelings.