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The best material for training pelvic floor muscles is precious natural jade!

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THE MATERIAL OF THE STONES used for pelvic floor practices are very important. It is recommended to use jade (jadeite or nephrite) as Your first stone, as it focuses on the essence of being a woman.

Jadeite is the best material for a yoni egg intended for regular wear and practice. Jadeite is a magical stone, perfect for this purpose. It refreshes your emotions and thoughts, frees you from negativity and anxiety that have built up and attracts love and caring. The force field of this stone combines feminine sensitivity and the ability to live in harmony with yourself and the nature. Using jadeite is beneficial to fertility, conception and kidneys; it boosts metabolism and the immune system, thereby giving you inner satisfaction and joy.

Our jade eggs come in different shades of green and in different sizes – choose Your favorite and order!

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